anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3

I have had it twice and made it through both surgeries, i have been getting nervous bc they said its going to come back and just a matter of when. Has anyone gone through my type of cancer a third time and survived. And if so what is your quality of life?


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    My daughter has had 5

    My daughter has had 5 crainiotomies to remove new tumor growth (AA3)since 3/2010. The tumor is in her cerrebellum and the only problems that she is having now is her balance. Unfortunetly in November of 2011 she had a massive brain hemmorhage. The surgeon was unable to remove all of the tumor this time. She is taking etoposide to help slow down the tumor growth. So far it is working. The tumor is growing, but not as fast. She is 14yrs old. The chemo and radiation failed on her but, I just met a woman who was diagnosed with AA3 15 years ago and she is doing great. Her cancer responded to surgery and treatments and has never come back. Even though the diagnosis is the same, the outcome can be very different for each person. Keep positive