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How do you put those signatures under your name? I can't imagine you type all that info with each post. I'd like to include some of mom's stats in my signature.


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    MS Word

    Creat a Word file with the signature info, then you can copy & paste it into your posts. I draft most of my posts in Word so Bill Gates can spell check it, then I copy & paste the whole thing into my CSN posts.

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    I copy and paste

    I do the same thing Bob does, I create my posts in word first, that way in case the CSN web site decides to act strangely I do not have to recreate my post.

    I keep a MS Word file called "post" that contains my standard signature information. I open that file and type my post above it. When I am done a do a copy and paste of the contents of the file to the CSN comment block.

    Then I close the word file. Word asks me if I want to save my changes and I say "no" that way what gets saved back in the "post" file is just my signature block.

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    Simple! Thank you.

    Simple! Thank you.