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Wondering if anyone has ever used pectin to help with dumping syndrome symptoms? If so, how much did you take and how often?


  • mardigras
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    Hey Cora
    I would like the answer to this one too.
    Rob is having the most awful dumping of late and he is losing the weight, that he has so carefully gained.
    Do you think that applesauce may have pectin in it. I am not even really sure what applesauce is as I am in the uk and we don't have anything called applesauce except for
    a jar of sauce made from boiled apples that goes with roast pork. Perhaps that is the same thing. Not sure if it has pectin in it though. I know many of the people on here do use what you call applesauce, to ease dumping syndrome and if it has pectin then perhaps that's why it works.
    Perhaps we will get an answer- hope so.
    Prayers and hugs.
    Marci x