I am afraid. ex husband will not tell me anything

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My ex-husband was diagnosed with liver cancer coming from another unknown origin 3 months ago. We have two young children. 12 and 14. He will not tell me much, as he is trying not to scare the kids. How ever, he has had 3 chemo treatments, today he sent me a text, that he is coughing up blood. i am afraid!. what is happening? i know nothing, he will not tell me. i do know that he said to me satge IV, and 4 other organs are involved. please help.


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    stage IV cancer
    Sorry for your ex-husbands cancer diagnosis. Generally stage IV is incurable. The chemo could help, but with all the other organs involved and the spitting up blood, it sounds very serious. Let your kids spend as much time with him as you can manage. And may God bless you all.
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    be strong for your kids, pray a lot for him, time to heal
    Dear Deb,
    My wife was also recently diagnosed with a very rare type of liver cancer. She just started in Boston her first of four 3 week cycles with chemo. If your ex has not told you he must have good reasons. Just be strong for your kids, pray for him and try as much as you can to heal wounds of the past both of you may have experienced to have caused him to be your ex.
    If he is willing to look at non-conventional treatment modes, ask him to email me at [email protected]. Over the past 7 years I have been highly influenced by the naturopath/homeopathic alternative route in preventing (and, in several cases I personally witnessed) in curing several with advance stage of various types of cancer by one of the worlds' leading naturopath doctors. They detox the body and strengthen the immune system using only herbs and nature sourced products. There is also the St. George Klink in Germany referred to me by an Israeli Navy Seal who gave up on conventional treatments after his 12 week chemo at Mayo Clinic, researched and got into full remission after hyperthermia treatment. Another alternative clinic is Paracelsus. Im checking them out and plan to send my wife there after the 12 weeks of chemo in Boston if I can convince her and my children that it is a choice we can make, assuming of course that the chemo shows no significant improvement for her. One of the CSN members did report good results from a combination of conventional and non-conventional both done in the USA. A final area I investigated is China, Fuda and Modern located at Guanzhou. In fact I had spoken with one of their doctors, trained with a Masters in Medicine in Spain as other doctors there have been trained. They have combined the best of the East and West. I am not recommending any because I know that each cancer situation is different. Some work for others but may not for most. Even conventional medicine has this track record. Feel free to ask your husband to email me or if you wish to know more, email me directly so we can start a conversation. Sharing and support is what this network is all about and Im glad I discovered it. Tony
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    Liver cancer
    hello! I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I have liver cancer too. Angiosarcoma of the liver..Nine years ago, they gave me 3 months to live..By the Grace of God!!!! I am still here..Your kids should know everything...I don't know if he will die or not but your children should have the chance to deal with it and to talk to their dad...Maybe there is something they need to get off their chest...to tell him how much they love him... But mainly, you should never give up...Have hope..and Faith...God is an amazing God...and miracles do happen...I know, I am one... I will be praying for him and you and your children...In Gods Love Barbara