Now I know we all have cancer. And I know chemo can cause pain. Having said that, I have had sharp off and on pain in my right upper quadrant since surgery. My cat scan shows and enlarged liver but no obvious masses. So we decided it was from all the probing and biopsies they did within my abdominal cavity. It subsided and didn't bother me for a week or so, but now, still off and on it comes back and is... uncomfortable. Late yesterday afternoon it returned and it was bad,traveling around to my back (I have no gallbladder). Hurt to breathe deep and just went from achey to sharp. Lasted for several hours. Also extremely fatigued past couple days but red and whites,hemoglobin and hematocrit all "ok". Considered going to ER with the pain, but opted to see what happened during the night. Could not decide if it is lung pain, liver pain or what. I slept well, and today still soreness but not the PAIN. I report these things, but I am unhappy with my onc and I am in a health insurance that does not allow me to go outside the network so I have no other choice. When I call they dont call back etc..... So do I just wait until I cant take it anymore before I go to ER? And also, since I am only post first chemo, do they consider me to still have cancer? I didnt quite understand that. Is there still cancer in me?? I'm sorry this is so long