Radiation used on child

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My previous husband had radiation used on a small nodule on his forehead as a small child treated with radiation. This past year he died from a very fast moving, invasive form of cancer; I can't help but put the two together.


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    Second brain tumor caused by previous radiation
    You are right. We have direct experience with that. Our son, in 1985, at the age of 8, had cranial whole brain radiation, along with a boost to his cerebellum, for a medulloblastoma, a common childhood brain tumor. This past year, 26 years later on April 13, 2011, he was diagnosed with a high grade glioma in his cerebellum. Both his NO in Virginia and in Ohio have said this tumor was caused by the radiation he had when he was 8.

    Of course we were devestated. When I told his NO that if we had known back then, we wouldn't have approved the radiation. But he said if our son had not had the radiation, he wouldn't be alive today. In fact, it's still the first line treatment for childhood brain tumors today.

    I'm curious, what kind of brain tumor did your husband have? How long did he live once diagnosed with the recurrent tumor?

    Hope you are doing well. We are at the end stage. Our son has been on Hospice care since March 12. I am grateful that so far, he is not in pain but is pretty much confined to the bed.