Denied disability

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Had my hearing and just got the final ruling. According to them I tolerated chemo well and could have been working the whole time. Found out my oncologist didn't document the side effects. I am escpecially pissed that the law office never informed me as they gathered paperwork from the Oncologist at different intervals that she was not documenting anything,


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    i am sorry
    that this happened and yes i would be very pissed that the law office never caught this huge mistake with the paperwork. Did they not go over or read any of your medical papers before you went to court? I know that with social security they are so strict and require that you have all the medical information filled out properly or you will get denied. I have been fighting for three years and finally go to court on the 9th for my hearing. I have had other medical issues too. Im thankful that my lawyer is very good and has been doing this for 30 years. Can you appeal this decission?
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    I'm sorry you were denied SSDI. Was this your first or second bout with cancer? They generally only give it to people with recurrance because then it becomes stage 4. I'm sorry you had to pay for a lawyer too. Can it be appealed? Again, sorry to hear the news.

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    I am so sorry for you and so
    I am so sorry for you and so upset at the law firm for not doing what they should be. How unbelievable frustrating for having such inadequate reprsentation that cost you your disability!
    And....I would also be upset that the oncologist was NOT documenting any side effects from chemo.
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    I thought all medical personnel knew the same saying as we have in mental health. "If you didn't document it, it didn't happen." I am very careful to document all the goings on at my work site.
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    so sorry...but yet you see
    so sorry...but yet you see some many abuse the system when those really in need can't get it...

    can you appeal it?

    Hassle I know..but there must be something at least to try! I know same but grandkids cant' get med. insurance even on low income-mom works but can't afford and I hear so many that get it who are NOT really suppose to...

    I am so more hassle and another hurdle..