Recovery after daVinci robotic assisted laparoscopy

Anyone have experience with recovery after daVinci surgery? How long? Complications?


  • jim2011
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    Robot assisted surgery
    I had that surgery on April 7, 2011. After the surgery I went right to a room and skipped ICU. No complications and out of the hospital about a week after. Dr. Eric Johnson at Abbott in Minneapolis. I have 5 cuts about 1/4 inch and 2 cuts about 1.5 inch.
    I wish you the best.
  • JReed
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    daVinci assisted THE surgery at UofM
    Don just had the THE surgery with daVinci assisted robotics - he too went to a regular room and was released from the hospital one week later - no complications at all. He has been home for almost a week and the incisions could not look better.

    I'm sorry I did not look to see your information page - what stage are you, where are you located, when did you get your diagnosis and have you began any treatment? What type of surgery are you looking at?

    I'm not trying to be nosy, but everyone on this site is so extremely helpful and will want to answer any questions you may have (you won't believe the research the people on this site have) and they will want to know as much about you as you would like to reveal.

    Sorry you had to find us but so very glad you did - the pioneers on this site have been way more than helpful to us - we have learned a ton and have had a few of the members even call us and that alone has been so comforting.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions and welcome to the family.

    Judy & Don