Have any had recurrence with DCIS....

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Went for my first 6 month mammogram and got the all clear, which was great but I still will always be concerned with recurrence rates ... am ona 5 yr tamoxifin plan and the follow ups just seem to have high anxiety lately Do any of you have peercentages or experience with Dcis recurring? In the same breast or the opposite? This site really helps me since I joined thanks to all of you long time pink sisters ...Sue D


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    Today is 4 yrs since I had
    Today is 4 yrs since I had lumpectomy due to DCIS...I have been seen each 3-4 mths now back to once a year. ON tamoxifen since Sept 2008-Hysterectomy almost year ago due to the meds.

    so far clear sailing for me...HONESTLY I never worry about any tests (Blood, mammo etc) I try to not worry what I can't control or change. (I am odd one out i know)

    I wish you the best...

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    I don't have any percentages
    I don't have any percentages to help you, but, just want to say congrats on the good results of your mammo!

    Hugs, Debby
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    DebbyM said:

    I don't have any percentages
    I don't have any percentages to help you, but, just want to say congrats on the good results of your mammo!

    Hugs, Debby

    I had a recurrence~
    You can read my history under my profile~click on my picture and it brings up my info~ It was 2 years to the day, same breast~so had to have that breast removed (lumpectomy first time around with radiation). So I had a unilateral (one breast) mastectomy with reconstruction (latissimus flap). I have been cancer free for 4 years. The right breast gets a mammogram every year~ left one just gets a "feel job" once a month!
    As for percentages....I was told I had a 4% chance of it recurring...96% chance of it never coming back....I was the 4%, but I am not a negative person. It happened, I dealt with it~
    I'm hopeful that you are in the greater percentage of it never coming back~
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    im with you sista!

    Today marks my 1 year since diagnosing biopsy.  I just went and picked up my mammogram results today and am all clear! However i cant help but still have this feeling like they just arent seeing it or something. So i know the feeling well! My report says theyfound a new post surgical lumpectomy changes on the right side with a 4 to 5 cm post operative seroma. I have no idea what that is but it says benign. But im still worried now as usual! Im a worry wart!! Left breast says negative. And overall i was a very simple breast cancer case...truly!! I had stage 1b invasive ductal carcinoma with dcis insitu . 6 weks of radiation no chemo. And am on anastrozole since im post menopausal.

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    Hey Sue D.!  I had DCIS 6 years ago.  With lumpectomy, radiation and 1.5 years of Tamoxifen (made polyps grow in my uterus so it was stopped), I was told I would be in the 93% who didn't have a recurrence.  I worried a little, but as each of the 6 years went by, with mammos of affected breast every 6 months and sometimes ultrasounds, I worried less and less.  I hope you can too.  The sad fact is that once a person gets blindsided by a cancer diagnosis, she never quite trusts statistics again.  Please don't "borrow worry" from your happy tomorrows however.  If it happens, it happens.  But there is a VERY GOOD chance that it won't. Go with that...

    To be frank, I fell into the small percentage who get a recurrence, almost 6 years to the day of the first diagnosis.  It's a lesser grade this time but there is no option for a breast that has been irradiated, whether by whole breast or by brachytherapy, other than surgical removal.  I missed the 50% chance that a recurrence of DCIS will be invasive; this one shows only DCIS and nothing invasive.  However, the whole breast still has to go. I'm not happy about it, in fact I am still downright angry but I certainly can't keep it so I will move forward and do what I must do.

    Good luck.