Sister-in-law lost job... what a God send for us

mr steve
mr steve Member Posts: 285
Funny how the powers that be work. My sil lost her job, right after we called in hospice for my wife. after fighting this crap alone for 4 years she is staying with us now. She worries that she is getting on my nerves and getting in the way. I just tell her she is truely a God send and that after all this time of doing everything by myself that sometimes I don't know how to let someone help. Now it is my time to worry what if she finds another job??? How will I ever get the grass cut?


  • jimwins
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    Cutting your grass ;)

    Alternatives to cutting grass... ♥

    Hope it made you smile.

    Hugs and positive thoughts,

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  • Bearsmile
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    lost job
    I understand how you feel about worrying if she gets a new job. I am the cargiver of my Dad and have been out of work for 2 years. I am torn since I want to find a job but worry if I do then who will drive him to and from chemo and all the other stuff I do. Right now he is still able to do lots of things but I know in time that I will need to do more. I am trying to take things one day at a time and trust that God won't give me more than I can handle but that is easier said than done.I will come cut your grass in if you live in western MA. Thanks for sharing. Have a good day and try and smile :)