Anyone have odd sensory issues?

munurse07 Member Posts: 9
I'm on my sixth week of focused radiation and temodar daily. In the past week I've started to have odd sensory issues. For example... the other morning, I had to get out of bed to use the restroom and swear I smelt coffee! I hate Coffee and don't even own a coffee pot. I even went outside on the porch to see if maybe it was coming from somewhere outside and couldn't smell it... then lastnight as I was falling asleep, I could smell something funny. COuldn't put my finger on what it was at first, but eventually it came to me. It was like someone was burning cedar mulch. Weird! I also have been having ringing and fullness in my ears, which my radiation/oncologist told me was to be expected, but now my ears itch and I constantly hear things that I know aren't there. Like when I'm downstairs, I can hear my relaxation music that is OFF upstairs... and my taste buds have been just plain disgusting since my surgery in January, but now it's so much worse. I can't even describe the taste in my mouth and when I lick my lips it tastes like finger nail polish remover. Just wondering if anyone else experienced these odd issues?