Glioblastoma Clinical Trial

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Has anyone heard of My doctor told me about this clinical trial that I may be qualified for.


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    nothing to lose
    I've heard of somebody using this. The worst con is inconvenience, considering you have to carry a big pack and tons of wires/pads with you all the time. the little pad need to be replaced often too. But other than that, there is no side effect at all.
    Based on current clinical reports, it improves QOL, but not always help on progression free survival & overall survival time. But who knows, it did help some people. I would seriously consider it as one of the options.

    good luck.

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    See my previous post re:
    See my previous post re: Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research, posted 4/3. Last time I checked, on the main page is a YouTube link to a lecture about this research.

    Sounds promising.

    Hope all goes well for you.
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    My Doctor at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle is one of the docs that is working on this clinical trial. He wanted me to look into it. He gave me a pamphlet about it.
    You have to wear these electrodes attached to your head 24 hours a day. They send small amounts of electrical shock into the tumor. The bad part about this is that you do have to carry around with you a box/pad about the size of a seat cushion everywhere. The other issue is that you have to have your head shaved every few weeks so the electrodes can stick to your head.
    I opted not to do the trial. I didnt want to carry around the pad everywhere. Maybe you could call the Swedish Medical center and get more information.

    God bless, Lora