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You know, I've gotten to know quite a few of you - both here and on the colorectal board...and as such, I feel a kindred spirit with you folks:)

I don't look at our cancers - I peel back the layer underneath so that I can see the person that's inside, because that's the core of what we all really are...this is where you find the 'good stuff.'

Anyway, the reason I'm writing you today, is that I wrote a cancer story titled,

"The Story of the Man They Call Big Billy" - The Man, The Myth, or The Legend?

It's a true story and very poignant to our situations - I wrote it about a difficult time in my journey last year. I think there are parts of the story that you will see yourselves in that you will readily identify and connect with.

It's just sitting over there in the colorectal board going to waste...since I've got a few friends over here, I wanted to share this with you as well, if you would like to read it. I wouldn't give you a bum steer:)

As John Belushi said in the movie, Animal House, "It don't cost nuthin'"


Well, it will cost you a couple of minutes of your time - but I prefer to look at it as a few moments of your time "invested."

I think the greatest gift that we have to give one another is our time - because that is the one commodity that we have in the shortest supply - and thus by voting with our hearts to choose to be with each other for that specific span of time, we are giving each other the ultimate compliment - we are trading that, which is the most important thing we have to give - ourselves and our time.

It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

So, you are all cordially invited to stop over and take a peek:)

So nice seeing you today and getting to hang out with you for a moment or two. Keep up the good work over here.

Take care everybody...and I almost forgot....

Stay tuned to the Sundance Channel
"Story Matters Here"



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    Hi Sundance
    Thanks so much Sundance. Loved it! I'm so glad you made that post - and I'm so glad I took the time to read it.
    We all need Big Billy Bad-****.

    Keep your hands on that wheel Texas.
  • mp327
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    Hi Craig!
    Thanks so much for letting us know you posted this over on the colorectal board! I think it's great and reading it was time very well spent! Thanks for thinking of us over here on the AC board! Hugs!
  • SueRelays
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    On my way to check it
    On my way to check it out!

    YOU MATTER :)!!

    Thanks Sundance!!!