Avastin plus cytoxan

Is anyone has been treated with this chemo combination I'd like to find out how it worked-side effects etc etc


  • Mwee
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    I've had several different chemo combos, but not this one. Best of luck and I hope it kicks butt. Let us know.
    (((HUGS))) Maria
  • mom2greatkids
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    I'm taking Avastin for
    I'm taking Avastin for maintenance until the end of this year. I also took it along with Carbo/Taxol in my first line of treatment last summer/fall. The biggest side effect for me has been body aches. Also a runny nose. It can also cause nose bleeds. I had those a few months ago when my platelet count was so low.

    Also, my nose would hurt very badly when I woke up in the mornings. Dr. said to put Vaseline in my nose at nights. I did so, and it helped greatly.

    Make certain they check your urine before each infusion of avastin. So far so good on my blood pressure.

    Hope this combination of drugs does the job!