Family resistance to alternative therapys: the "one minute cure."

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I am new to this site. I don’t even know how to get postings lined up chronologically so I can follow them. It's is okay to call me "cynical" about allogpathic medicine. However, I am positive and spiritual.

I do know this. “I used to cross the street rather than walk by ‘tattooed gang members’, today I cross the street if I see someone in white coat, fearing they may me give a diagnosis.” I apologize to any “tattooed gang members” who may be on this site.

I have liver tumors after a colon re-section. An MD Anderson surgeon said, paraphrasing and in my words, “go away and do not darken my door again, there’s nothing I can do for you.” I got a second opinion. He gave me, more or less, 123 reasons why surgery would not work, but ended the conversation by saying, “It’s your call.” Boy, I thought, that’s not encouraging.

Here’s my issue: Family pressure for allopathic or conventional treatment. I have a highly educated family, which includes Doctors and nurses. They in my opinion, are stupid and prejudiced about cancer treatment. They push the conventional wisdom on me. “Go to MD Anderson” they said. I did. As a result of MD Anderson’s death sentence I am finally free to pursue other avenues of recovery. I stopped my chemo a week ago and the family phones lit up around the country. Well, I’ve done some research and I think I may better off on my own. Apparently, when the Doctors were killing me the relatives were off the hook because they were relieved of any concern. After all, “I was in good hands.”

I would say, these doctors are nice fellows, but at the end day it’s much like I’m on death row, it's my butt in the hot seat and my high price attorney comes in to discuss the merits of my legal appeal. To repeat myself, at the end of day, for all his sympathy and understanding, he walks away and I fry.

Please share alternative strategies that work. If anyone wants a copy of “the one minute cure” contact me and I will e-mail it to you.


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    Hi there! Sounds familiar. I
    Hi there! Sounds familiar. I take care of my father and all doctors around seem to be the same... I'm trying really hard now and it's not that easy to persuade people of other ways. U would be very thankful if you mail me the cure strategy at [email protected]. Thank you! And wish you luck!
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    One Minute Cure
    I just recently heard of the One Minute Cure and asked my oncologist about and she had no faith in it and said she would not recommend it to her family. But since three different rounds of chemo using different drugs (one of them being a chemoebolization) with little to no success I'm thinking I have little to loose.

    Did you try the One Minute Cure treatment of hydrogen peroxide or know anyone that has?

    Also wondering if anyone has tried hydrogen peroxide, Oxy E, Oxy DHQ or Ronuv which I see being touted on various websites. Their claims seem to good to be true which makes me very suspicious.