Avastin and cytoxin

Soctor is recommending this combination to treat complication of ovarian cancer. Any one experienced this treatment?


  • 7 angels
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    We are doing the same chemo treatments
    I do the Avastin every 21 days and the cytoxin I take the pills one everyday for 14 days then off 1 week then start over. The Avastin causing rise in blood pressure (I did take blood pressure rx before small dose 10mg but family dr increased it to 2 pills a day 1 in am and 1 in pm) If you are taking Cytoxin in pills just do what is recommended 2 hour after you eat and wait an hour to eat and drink plenty of water. Havent had to take sickness pills (knock on wood) side effects have been aching joints sometimes at night cant hardly move my legs wakes me up with the aches.They said can take Tyenol but I really try not to take it. The best part of this is my ca125 count went down to 60 from 92 (this is after the first treatment nurse said sometimes it does go up ) This also is not attacking my blood counts like some others said blood count is the best its been. I had ny second treatment of Avastin 2 days ago doing good. Doctor said its suppose to be easiest one to take with few side effects. Cant say abouy losing hair yet because I did lose it on another chemo and it starting to grow back. But I figure I will lose it if have to, to get these results. Good luck have nurse sit with you if nervous.
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    cytoxin and avastin
    Hi, glad treatment seems to be working. I was on this combination, didn't lose my hair at all. Unfortunately, after 6 months of avastin & 3 months of Cytoxan, I didn't have good results, so dr. took me off. I'm now on Carboplatin alone, doing it as a slow drip, because I was allergic to it years ago.