co workers-Breast Cancer

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I walked into work this am-I was the 4th one to be in the office. "3" of 4 of us have had Breast Cancer! I wonder how many more in the building. I work in small school-so just knowing US 3 is high ratio -i know NO way to know how many total....but I am sure many more. I am new to this building-about 10 mths now-while out on medical leave last year transfered me so I never went back to MY OLD job.



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    It is sad and scary that in a small room of ladies, at least one has been dx with bc already.I believe the stats say one out of 8 women will be dx with it, at least once in their lifetime. So it can be at any age, from 15 (or less?) to 80 – not sure what the lifespan of women is in the US. But it doesn’t matter. This is a very serious situation, and I am not sure how much energy they’re putting into it. But like many ladies have mentioned here, I think stage 4 should be taken more seriously when it comes to research. Such a nasty old illness, and it mutates over and over – and we just don’t have enough information to understand it.

    You know what pisses me off? Why the world doesn’t unify as one powerful resource to try and find the cure, or the best treatments. Instead, countries are still trying to get credit for the drugs. There are good drugs in other countries, I’m sure, but the FDA takes forever to approve sometimes (and I understand the basis as to why this happens), and a lot of times money is involved, so they disregard the efforts from other nations. How sad.

    I’m only 33, dx at 32. And two of my friends have been dx already (one at 28, the other at 33). It’s not only affecting the old generation. It’s now affecting everyone. And I don’t like the direction that it’s taking either. The “pink” promotion – sometimes I watch some of the shows on TV and commercials, and it reminds me of those reality shows. It doesn’t promote the seriousness of it. And it is VERY serious as we know it.