Testosterone therapy

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Hi everyone
Well it be awhile sense posting anything,its been all most 6 month sense I had my prostate removed and everything is all good.My last visit to the doctor I noticed a poster on the wall
describing low testosterone levels and all the questions pointed to me.I told the doctor and he suggested I get my testosterone checked.and the results said I was at half what they should be.My doctor talked to me about testosterone therapy and I was wondering if anyone on here has had testosterone therapy and is there anything to worry about sense prostate cancer feeds off of testosterone.I may not have that just right.


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    TRT and Hypogonadism

    I recall your comment on “night sweats” (http://csn.cancer.org/node/228379) that could be a effect of low testosterone.
    TRT and Hypogonadism is controversial and much discussed in this forum. Revisit past posts and you may find an answer. Gleason scores of 8 and 9 are not recommended for TRT. Yours is Gs7.

    Here is a link to Dr. Myers video on the subject “…after surgery testosterone on normal levels shouldn’t be a problem…”;

    Just follow his other videos and you will get many hints on the matter.

    Good Luck.