prostate massage after being diagnosed with cancer

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Hello -
I've just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, Gleason score of 3+3=6. The diagnosing physician and I will be meeting next week to discuss different treatment options.

Question for the forum - Due to prescribed psychotropic medications i take daily (paxil), I have great difficulty reaching orgasm. Attaining an erection is no problem, achieving orgasm is. In the past few years the only way I've been able to reach orgasm is by massaging my prostate which, although not guaranteed, normally allows me to have a satisfying ejaculation.

Is it dangerous to massage a prostate once the diagnosis of cancer has been confirmed? As of now the cancer has not metastasized. I fear that massaging my prostate any more may cause the cells to break apart, travel and begin to grow elsewhere.

Any good references and kind words are most appreciated.

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    I'd like to see an answer to this too. I have been wondering about it. I was diagnosed, treated and cured (HIFU treatment) with prostate cancer 4 years ago.

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    The right spot


    I do not think that prostatic cells can break apart easily with a simple massage. Rupture of cells needs heat to break down its bio structure, such as the high energy in radiation used to destroy its ligands (DNA). Massaging may energize the cells so that these will produce fluids (the PSA, prostatic secretion, etc) but not breakup. However, massaging will increase the circulation of blood localy, energizing the cells that may accelerate their life cycle. One could expect cell’s duplication to become faster.

    I wonder the way you use to massage the prostate and the intensity applied to reach the orgasm.

    Though I think occasional massages would not alter your cancer status, I believe that the sensation you are experiencing is caused by massaging the nerves surrounding the prostate, not the prostatic cells. Nerves run on the top of the fascia tissue covering the whole prostate, so that you may try to find the right spot instead of very intense or vigorous massages, if any.

    Regarding HIFU, this is a treatment using heat (thermal and mechanical effects) to kill (break apart) cell’s bio structures. This treatment is controversial. The benefits claimed are few or nonexistent.

    Best wishes for continued AS.



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    First i think this should be

    First i think this should be cleared by specialist doc if their is an existing prostate issue. Depending on how large it is it may not be recommended. Otherwise i think its a great thing to do for health and sexual reasons.