Positive Thoughts to all!!

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Hi, I have not posted here for a bit, as I just came home from the hospital for surgery for a double mastectomy. I am about 1yr out of treatment for Anal cancer and now batteling my new Breast cancer. I think of you all often and continue to pray for everyone. I am waiting for pathology report on a couple lymph nodes but the preliminary report was clear. I am in pain and back on oxycontin as I was during AC treatment. I explained how sensitive my vaginal area still is when I was in the hospital and the catheter would be uncomfortable but I guess it didn't matter. OMG, it was and hurt for quite a while after they took it out too. I wonder if some parts of my body will ever truely heal ??? I wish you all well, and to those in the middle of things who are suffering, hard as it is hang on and the old phrase of one day at a time is true. Sometimes I even think, one hour at a time....take a nap and start all over again! Prayers for all, He is there watching and caring !!!!!!


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    Prayers Going Up
    Good grief you have been through a lot as if the anal cancer was not enough. One good sign is the lymph nodes being clear hopefully. I will include you in my prayer list. It seems to be getting longer each day. Take care of yourself and look forward to tomorrow.
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    Hi eihtak. We're here and we
    Hi eihtak. We're here and we hear you and we're praying for you. I'm so sorry you're going through so much, but I must say your spirit is very strong and comforting. That you're thinking of others while going through your own troubles says SO much. Thank you so much for posting. You're being included in my prayers, as we speak. You are His child - without a doubt.
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    Hi eihtak--
    Thank you for thinking of all us when it is you who we should be thinking of! I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this beast called cancer again and are in pain. I hope that will ease very soon. May the path report come back all clear and may your healing be swift and complete. I will keep you in my prayers.
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    May God speed your healing

    You have had way more than your share of worry and pain. You are a true warrior, even as youre fighting you are thinking of others, God bless you.

    I am just to start week 4 of treatment and I thank you for your words of encouragement. I will pray that God speeds your healing.