any thoughts? ??

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hey y'all been a long time... been reading some posts & there us some newbies out there...
well I have been NED since Feb 22/10... my cea started off 1.1 and had gone up & down to 2.61. its now a 1.8.. in nov10 I had a c.t. that picked up a small node in my liver but a pet in Dec was all this was in my local oncology .. now I had a liver resection in Feb/ 10 in Rochester ..& so I go for yearly check ups with them due to the distance I have to drive.. Dr Yoon found the same node in my liver.. except it grew to a 1x1.5 cm... so he recommended a ultrasound / biopsy ... which I am doing...

After the initial "F$%k not again" .. I realized this thing was pet negative in Dec... so it might be cyst or whatever... but if it is positive at least its small... right?? I am worried ... any thoughts??
thx Lisa
I did oxy/herbatux/ avastin /biopsy lucavoren 5 Fu pack.. on & off for 3 years... initially I was dx with CC June/ 07 with a colon resection then.. stage 4 spread to the liver, lung... liver resection in Feb/ 10 ...


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    not biopsy lucavorn.. just
    not biopsy lucavorn.. just lucavorn*
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    It will really suck if the
    It will really suck if the spot ic cancer but at least it is one spot so they can cut it out again. I am a 6 1/2 year survivor and I just had my third liver resection,
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    Hi Lisa_R
    I think its wise to get it checked out. Maybe it's nothing or a cyst like you said but I think all of us need to stay on top of things.
    I agree, if it's small you've gotten it early, right?
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    thinking positive

    Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you...hope the ultrasound comes back o.k.

    I have 3 liver non-cancerous lesions (hemangioma's). I have my followup care at Mayo in Rochester as well every 6 months but had a ultrasound in between ct scans to keep tabs on the Hemangioma's in my liver. I hope they are what I have as people can be born with them and cause no trouble to the liver.

    Prayers and well wishes to you on your tests~

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    thanks all you have made me
    thanks all you have made me feel a little more at ease.... well it will be what it will be..& its in God's hands now... I will do what I need to do to go on with life.. Like hubby keeps telling me 15-20 years ago.. stage 4 was a death sentence .. now we are lucky enough to treat it like a chronic thing... and it might be time for some maintenance
    thx lisa