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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this board. i am looking for some information. my sister age 43 passed away from colon cancer in 1/2011 so i was on the colorectal board all of the time.
i now nothing about ovarian cancer, but recently a very close friend's daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cnacer. she is 17 year old. She always semed like she had a little bit of a stomach but was very active and otherwise healthy. her mom took her to the Dr because she was having pain in her leg. it was discovered she had a huge tunor about the size of 1 1/2 basketballs. the tunor was removed and biopsy determined she has ovarian cancer, her overay was also removed. she is scheduled to have a "staging surgery" in April and will begin chemo in may. what does alll this mean? with colon cancer it was the ct scans that did the staging. Why this surgery? what does eberyone think about this? what are her chaces of survival? what kind of ovvarian cancer does this sound like to any of you/ anyone have anything similar? i know this is the best place to come for info and support,
any info would be appreciated.

thank you