more uncertain news and more waiting

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so we went for the consulation in reference to brachytherapy. After the doctor examined my mom he found "something" close to the tongue or rather more on the floor of the mouth. Said it's a little bump that is hard and he is not sure at this point if it's a scar tissue from radiation or post surgery tissue or another CANCER. He wants to wait 2 weeks so my mom can heal completely after the surgery(it's been 3 weeks since surgery) and then do a special MRI which will determine what it is that he found. So we will decide on the type of treatment after we get the results. He also said that it feels like that "something" is about 1 cm large. Is it possible that it's cancer that size and it did not show up on the PET scan just over a month ago. Her surgent and regular radiation doctor both examined her recently and did not mentions that they felt something. What is it then???
God please let it be just a scar tissue. I'm so tired, we just don't get a break.


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    Just when you thought you'd get a chance to catch your breath. Hope it is scar tissue.