High Risk Patient is Off Meds - Question about Cryotherapy

DougS Member Posts: 21
It has been one year off meds and 3.5 years since having completing radiation treatments. My PSA of 1.4 continues to remain below the nadir of 2.2. There are no signs of metastatic disease on either the CT or bone scans. Although being considered a high risk patient (gleason 9, initial PSA of 29.8 and a T3a tumor), I am pleased with the results and am also quite thankful!
I continue to visit the radiologist with routine visits and PSA tests. My last discussion with the doctor (3/20/12) we reviewed options upon any future biological treatment failures. He suggested that a biopsy of the prostate would probably be performed to determine whether the cancer was localized or not. If the cancer remained localized, a possible treatment option would then be cryotherapy. I was also informed that cryotherapy is not offered at the University of Iowa (Iowa City).
Although my wife and I enjoy this time off meds, has anyone had experience with cryotherapy and where was the surgery performed?