Anyone ever get an itchy dark patch on your leg months after treatment ended?

Chris Ptown
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The dark burned areas around my pelvic area are pretty much back to normal now. My pubic hair that disappeared during treatment is starting to grow back (sorry if that is TMI) but I have this itchy patch thats dark on my leg near my pelvic area and I dont remember seeing it before. Its very itchy and I dont understand why I have it since my radiation ended on Dec 22nd. Anyone ever get something like this? Thanks!


  • mp327
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    Hi Chris
    For quite awhile after my treatment ended, the insides of my upper thighs were much darker in color than the surrounding skin. I don't know if this is because more blood was going to that area in the body's attempt to heal or what. I don't recall having any itching associated with it though. I am over 3 1/2 years post-treatment and those patches of skin now look the same as the rest of my skin in that area, so perhaps yours will return to a normal appearance with time. You might try using some type of anti-itch cream on those spots, such as Gold Bond. I hope it clears up quickly for you. Otherwise, I hope you are doing well.
  • sephie
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    yes, dark
    i had dark skin at the crease of both legs. it was due to radiation burning the skin. now i am all the same color. just so you will know , my pubic hair is very sparse so radiation must have destroyed the follicles. i am 3 years post tx in july. sephie