Elimination of Lupron side effects

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I had radiation treatment and have been on Lupron for 6 months. I have developed a serious lung problem (hypersensitivity pneumonia) which I think is caused by the Lupron. My oncologist recommended that I stop Lupron until the lung issue is solved. It has taken 2-1/2 months and many tests to diagnose. The pneumonia probably won't completely disappear until the Lupron is completely gone.

My last (1 month) injection was on January 13. But I know lupron stays in the body for a long time after the last injection. Can any body quantify how long it takes for Lupron to be completely cleared from your system? Any anecdotal information?


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    Testosterone replacement therapy may help

    In the hormonal treatment context, the effect of Lupron is at the pituitary. It floods the system with LHRH analogs, causing the pituitary to stop the release of gonadotropins FSH and LH. Without these protein hormones the system stops signaling the testes to produce testosterone and that causes chemical castration.

    I do not know how Lupron could be connected with your pneumonia problem. In any case Lupron effect has a half-life period of approximately 7 to 10 days, and once lost its effect the system tends to recuperate between one to three months later. Some guys report still longer period until they regain normal feelings.
    However, these symptoms are usually related to hypogonadism (low levels of testosterone circulating in our bodies). Without the analogs, the pituitary starts functioning again but the system needs time to recover completely and get to normal levels of testosterone (from 20 ng/dL to 400 ng/dL). Many guys try to shorten the process of recovery with TRT patches. Discuss the possibility with your doctor.

    You may investigate if the problem is in fact related to hypogonadism. Here is a list of the effects/symptoms;

    Good luck in your journey.