Is scar creams safe for somebody after breast cancer surgery ?

My mother in law went through the black nights of breast cancer though after two successful surgeries and alternative treatments, she is coming back to normalcy. Usually post surgery scars are overlooked but it was a real stress for my mother in law. These dark scars on her body looked really SCARY. We did try a lot of scar creams, even modern scar therapy, not to mention the frequent visit to the doctors....whew!!!
But it was the timely advice of one of our friends which made us try the Invicible Scar Treatment Cream. In the past three weeks the scar marks have started fading successfully.But I am a lil skeptical,is it ok to use skin creams after a breast cancer surgery ? Are there any alternative natural creams which are safe for the skin too ?


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    .. What helped me, as well as others.

    Mederma -- Skin care gel -- has worked for many of us Survivors. This solution
    was offered to me by another Sister in PINK, Olga, as well as a coupon.

    You may want to view all the various products offered b Merderma by visiting
    their site.

    Best of luck ..

    Strength, Courage and Hope for a CURE.

    Vicki Sam
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    I was told that once the
    I was told that once the chest wounds have healed enough and the surgeon gives the ok, it is ok to use creams on the chest. I had a bmx with node dissection and no recontruction. My surgeon first recommended using a Vitamin E creme once or twice daily, I can't remember. After a few months, my scars were still cherry red. She recommneded using Cimeosil gel strips. I got the longer ones and was able to cut them to fit my scars, since they weren't in straight lines. I even had enough left over to cover the drain hole scars. I really like the strips. I used them at night and could wash them. Eventually they do lose their stickiness and towards the end of their life I would hunt for any that fell off during the night. They are available at certain pharmacies without a prescription. It also comes in a cream but I like the strips because they stay on all night, where as creams may rub off on pjs/clothes.

    I always run stuff by my doctors before I try stuff. Make sure her surgeon knows she is doing that.
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    Apology for bumping up but i want to share my opinion here. I have used invicible scars and it worked perfectly fine for me as well. Hypoallergenic scar therapies are perfectly alright to use on surgery scars. Infact, my doctor has asked me to stick to hypoallergenic creams only since, they won't cause any harm to my skin.