Dr.'s willingness to wait???

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Just got a call from the office of John's oncologist. Assistant said she had submitted John's name to insurance company for clinical trial (MDX plus TKI drug) for approval but were told "it would be put under review" and decision made within 45 days. She explained he couldn't be screened for trial until approved by insurance.

Assistant reported she had provided Dr. Hammers the insurance company's reply and he was "comfortable waiting the 45 days." In the meantime, I've fired off an email to insurance company asking for decision to be expedited. (I'm off work today but think I can apply more pressure once I return to work through national contract liaison.)

But while I am confused with insurance company response (never questioned HDIL2 treatment- paid in excess of $200,000), I'm more upset with Dr's willingness to wait despite new growth. Neither of these things sit right with me. I'm uncomfortable with his Dr. being comfortable.

Any insight, feedback, advice?