kidney c survivor-new issue

I came to this site in January by way of Kidney Cancer, but due to neck swelling/knot and pain that I have had for a while and ignored, I went last Friday and had and ultrasound of my neck. (my dr insisted) I am supposed to go this friday for the results, but because of the last ultrasound I had showing I had kidney cancer (all gone as of January) I got my results yesterday. I have posted them below and I was wondering if anyone could give me peace of mind. I am 29 yr old, female.

The Thyroid is Heterogeneous. there are at least 3 small nodules is the right lobe. A lymphnode in the palpable area measures 1.4x0.9x1.0 The node has preserved fatty hilum but is slightly lobular then typical.

Can anyone shed some lite on this. The odds of me getting Kidney cancer were small, and now I am concerned that I am going to have to do this again for something in my neck.

thank you and God Bless