test results

good afternoon everyone;
todays results
are FOLLICULAR NHL between stage 1 & 2.. takin weight and see direction to detemine how fast it is growin and take this time for the doc and us to research what the best clincal trial is out there that matches her cancer..
we still leaning torward TREANDA.. any one got any input on new clincal trials that are out there.. we re in OHIO..
sure makes us feel a lot better knowing that we dont anything new or a multiple of lymphomias to go to batte againest..
thaks n advance Jan..


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    I have Follicular as well. Mine is stage 4,but it is all treated the same. When it is in one area they sometimes use radiation. From what I hear if you are going to have to have Lymphoma it is best to have the follicular type. Thats what I hear anyways. If I am wrong I HOPE someone out there will correct me. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)