Surgery is the decision

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Thank you so much for the advice and kind words. You are truly God sent. My father had 5 biopsies and 4 were cancer free, the 5th had Barrets cells.. No cancer but... Due to this the surgeon suggested surgery and my father agreed.

I will keep you posted on date and progress...

Once again thanks for being there...



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    Yay! Go for it. Surgery
    Yay! Go for it. Surgery and recovery are challenging but very doable. Keep us posted. There are so many on this site that can be of help as he recovers. Best wishes!! BMGky
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    Good news
    Hi Lynn,
    It's wonderful that your father is a surgery candidate and he's going ahead with it. Definitely keep us posted on his progress.
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    It's great to hear that your
    It's great to hear that your father is a surgical candidate. Make sure that he has a surgeon who performs the type of esophagectamy he is having on a regular basis at a great hospital that has a specialty in EC.