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I posted last week that I was falling asleep at stop signs. Turns out my white blood cell count was at 2600. The doc said normal was 4300 - 8000 so that was pretty low. He didn't say necessarily to d o anything about it. On the internet I read where taking long walks and eating Yogurt are good so I've been doing that along with lots of spinach. Also, just give me any excuse to eat Yogurt and I am on it. Especially Hagen Daz Frozen Yogurt. And we have had great weather to walk the dog. Anyway, I am gradually getting back to normal. I did my concert and had a party for my 90 year old neighbor's birthday, just barely getting the newly remodeled kitchen back together in time between naps, etc. I am learning to keep life simple all in all though. Little rest periods between activities and long naps is totally the way for me to go. I have had full days the last couple of days (didn't go right back to bed) so I think my blood work would test much higher today. For a few weeks though, I really felt that anemia. I was so beat! I hadn't been anemic until I started treatments since I was 18. But the doctor thinks it was triggered by a virus.


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    Hi Sandy!
    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and I hope the blood counts will continue to go up. Hopefully, the walks will help you get your energy back. Enjoy the warming temps and being outdoors!