What about dentures?

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I've been reading on the Superthread about dental work needing to be done. I have dentures, however...I was planning on getting new ones this spring. Should I skip that, or would that be considered "dental care"? I'm wondering if I should go ahead and do this before any surgery....or if it's a moot subject.



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    dentures - my 2 cents
    Hi phrannie: my story re dentures: I had upper dentures for about 12 yrs b/4 diagnosis and a partial on the bottom. During my neck dissection surgery they took out 4 teeth on the bottom and b/4 radiation my dentist pulled the other 4 (they were weak anyway and would have given me trouble down the road).... the old upper plate no longer fit after surgery... so I would say to WAIT UNTIL AFTER SURGERY to get any new plates.... either on the top or bottom. And if you will be having radiaton, I would wait until after rads to get new plates. I went for about 10 months w/o any teeth, but since I had a PEG tube, it worked out okay. Good luck to you !
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    Be Happy
    if i was you i would be happy after all i been threw. the nice thing is you not have to spend time and money trying to keep clean and save them from decay. I wish i had all mine pulled before treatments.

    talk to your person who does your dentures and your team of cancer doctors. my guess is they will say wait for after all treatments and into recovery.

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    When I was first reading about "dental care", I thought..."good, I don't have to worry about decay and what the radiation would do to my teeth"...I'll put it on my list to ask the Dr. about...tho I'm thinking waiting is probably the way to go.

    This is a small vanity thing for me...I've had them for 15 years, but even my husband hasn't seen me without them...it will be part of the humbling process, I guess...10 months, huh? :)