Lulu1010 can you answer a question for me about the overnite carbo infusion - you answered my post

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Thank you for letting me know you had the carbo infusion as a slow drip. Did you stay overnight in the hospital? Were you able to get all 6 cycles and was it Carboplatin alone and anything else you can share with me would be appreciated. Thanks again.


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    Desensitized Carbo
    I became allergic to Carbo on my nineth of ten carbo treatments.( I had 4 before surgery and then did 6 carbo/taxol after surgery. I thought the doctor would skip the last one but he wanted to do it in the hospital. I had the dose of taxol and I had steroids and benadryl before starting the carbo. It was a 24 hour admission to the hospital. They began the Carbo slowly and increased it gradually. It was very dilluted in fluid so I got a lot of fluid with the infusion so I was up all night going to the bathroom. In the morning the infusion was done and I was discharged with no problems. The doctor speaks as if he would be willing to give it to me again if need be but wants to wait as long as possible. Hope this helps. Let me know how things go
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    slow drip
    My mom had to have a slow infusion of taxol since she had a previous "reaction" to it. It went just fine.