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Was working in Afghanistan and had a sharp pain in my lower left back on Sep,12.... didn't think much at the time, but the pain kept getting worse. Was transported to the field hospital in Bagram where they performed a CT scan and told me my left kidney had a large tumor on it, and it was bleeding causing the pain. They did not want to remove my kidney as I was told they were not set up for that, and instead they were trying to control the bleeding to stabilize me so I could fly to Germany or Dubai. They attempted a procedure (not sure what it was called) of going in an artery in my leg, and injected a foam substance in my kidney to stop the bleeding... it didn't work. They made the decision to take my kidney, but I had to wait due to military personnel having priority in the operating room which I totally agreed with. my kidney was removed on the 14th. The incision was from under my breastbone below my belly button. once the surgery was done they flew me to Dubai where I was in intensive care for 10 days. returned to the states, and was instructed to see oncologist for follow up. He gave me a release for work on December 19th as I was not under any other treatments. I was instructed to get a CT scan every 6 months... I'm currently working in Dubai trying to make enough money to finish paying off my house, but I've been having some pain in my belly. I'm just a little worried that it is going to be something bad as my oncologist said he was concerned about my kidney doing all that bleeding, and those cancer cells possibly manifesting elsewhere. just reading some of the post it could be that I'm still healing inside, and maybe I'm just expecting to much to fast, and every little pain has me worried now.

Has anyone else had any experience of the tumor itself bleeding?

I've been trying to keep the seriousness to myself, as my wife is telling me I'm fine. I get tired of people telling me that :)


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    Not exactly sure what your oncologist is refering to about bleeding and he would be the best information on that. Blood in the urine is often seen as an indicator of kidney cancer and that is somewhat "normal' for Kidney Cancer. CT scans every 6 months after surgery are normal. Your pathology report from surgery contains a lot of information which is useful in your prognosis such as the size, grade, stage and type of tumor. When the oncologist says the cells manafesting elsewhere he is referring to metastisising sp? which is always a concern with Kidney Cancer. That is what the CT scans are for. It is difficult for me and presumably others to weigh in and say I thing everything will be OK or you have a difficult road ahead without having the information from your pathology report and the Grade of your Kidney Cancer. For those of us with stage 1 like myself the surgery 9 and 1/2 years ago was my only tratment.

    Best wishes for a full recovery.


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    Mystery pains
    Sorry to hear of your health problem. Many of us had weird pains long after surgery (and were just as worried about them as you are). I myself had a pain in my side off and on for nearly a year after surgery. Then it just stopped. But I did address it with my doctor, who ordered a sonogram, which showed nothing. It may be difficult to do in Dubai, but you should definitely see a doctor about the pain. And make sure you know what your pathology report says about your kidney cancer stage and tumor grade. That is important information for your prognosis and further care. Yes, it can be annoying to have people tell you that you will be fine but that doesn't necessarily mean they are incorrect. You probably will be fine. Just keep up with the scheduled CT scans and blood tests.
    Good luck.