What could this be? Warning, could be TMI....

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So DH was diagnosed on 1-11-12 with rectal cancer. We are still learning about this disease. Currently we are 25/28 through treatment of chemoradiation. Last treatment is Wednesday 3-14!!! Anyhow, the chemo is Xeloda and radiation daily M-F. My husband has been noticing rather unusual stuff in the toilet after a bowel movement. It looks clear to white in color and rather stringy. Anyone else experience anything like this???


  • Sundanceh
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    More Than Likely.....
    If he's being radiated in the rectal area, I can almost assure you....

    That what he is seeing is his "intestinal lining" sloughing off.....like a snake sheds its skin. Radiation is messing up his whole intestinal tract and this is dead tissue that is coming out during his bms...

    It's freaky to be sure, especially if you don't know what it is....but this is what it is...it is quite normal actually....the radiation is wrecking his insides and killing that tissue and it sloughs off and drops in the bowl.

    Not to worry....just keep the doctor posted, so they can make note of it.

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    Strange and unusual
    Strange and unusual byproducts become almost the norm during tx, but please do tell the onc about everything he is experiencing, just in case it's something else that needs to be addressed.
    Good luck~