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    And The Light

    And The Light
    So many years have come and gone since then
    Still I can’t forget the past
    But you and me, we’ll surelt meet again
    And maybe find the truth at last

    And the light, in the night
    Shines on brightly
    If it’s alright with you
    It’s alright with me

    Well I believe, that fate will find a way
    To guide us through these restless years
    And yes I know, that we’ll speak one day
    With no more doubts and no more fears

    And the light ..

    So tell me now, if you can share my view
    Tell me where your comin’ from
    We’ve both had time, time to think it through
    To know just where we both belong

    And the light ..

    And if your heart is real
    Then tell me how you feel
    ’til I’m saying
    If it’s alright with you
    It’s alright with me
    It’s quite alright with me
    It’s all alright with me
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    I finally got around to
    I finally got around to listening to it. Nice song.