Who takes care of the Caregiver?

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It's been a long time since I've posted here. Many of you sadly are new to me which means the fight goes on and why would I think otherwise? Only my hope that strengh comes for everyone when needed.

I lost my husband, Bob to melanoma in a one year battle, May 27, 2011. While fighting that fight my Mom's health took a turn for the worse and I lost her to lung cancer one week before my husband, May 19, 2011. It's been a rough winter for me emotionally. My support system is next to none so trying to balance work and home and grieving, so trying not to cave in had it's moments. I did a lot of journal writing which helped keep me connected to my real emotions.

So... just after Christmas I was diagnosed with a rather large tumor (size of baby's head) growing off my cervix. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago but my cervix was kept intacked. Feb. 6th was surgery, second opinion needed from Stanford, CA and here it is Mar. 7th... NO CANCER! My biggest fear, worst nightmare was reliving another battle with cancer... But NOT this time! So much relief after all I've been through! I have just this week gotten back to work... tired, sore but anxious to get my life back on track again.

This scare has taught me a valuable lesson... I can't waste anymore time crying or feeling bad for what my life was like before death struck it's blow. I need to try hard to embrace life, love and happiness again. I do not want to live with any regret, any more days lost. And as most often happens in life, after tragedy comes spring, good news.

My daughter announced she is having a Halloween baby... this will be my first grandchild. My heart is bursting today with gratitude and love.

Thank you for listening. My heart goes out to all of you.


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    Amen! That is a lesson we all can learn from cancer whether survivor or loving caregiver. Congrats on the expected grandbaby. Fay