Motorcycle Cruising With One Kidney

Limelife50 Member Posts: 476
Hey I'm just a little curious here,the last time I was on a motorcycle was the same day I found out I had cancer.with warm weather just around the corner i was just wondering if it would be a good ideal to buy a kidney belt like the ones those motocross guys wear,or am I just overly concerned here.I have had a couple of people suggest I give up motorcycles because of me only only having a single stage filtering system ,but I have decided that is not an option,your thoughts would be appreciated.


  • foxhd
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    You know what they say, "Ride it like you stole it." I have no concerns what so ever regarding riding.No need for a belt. I will stay off the motocross or any venue where crashing is likely. Like skiing.or contact sports. I was back on my bike as soon as I was not afraid of dropping it.