staying bug free

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In all that we go through I feel so bad when my mom gets sick. She has the stomach bug that is going around and she has to worrie about keeping me bug free. She can't just lay around and try to get over the bug she has to make sure I am taken care of while she is sick. Sometimes I forget how hard my mom works at taking care of me until she comes down with something and then I feel bad because I think it is my fault she is sick because she runs herself ragget taking care of me. Here's one going out to all the care givers thank you so much for what you do for us, if it was not for my mom I would be so alone in this battle. Please pray my mom starts feeling better.



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    Dear Anne
    Sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers that your mom feels better soon. I know you love and worry about your mom just as much as she loves and worries about you. And I know it's hard not to feel bad when she gets sick, but I'm sure your mom is so grateful that she can be here to take care of her daughter. I felt the same way about my husband when he was taking care of me after my surgery and during my chemo. I was so worried that he was going to get sick because I could see that he wasn't getting enough sleep and was so focused on me and my needs. I echo your thank-you to all of the care-givers. I don't know what I would have done if my husband wasn't here.

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    Mothers are a wonder. My
    Mothers are a wonder. My mom took care of me for months while I was doing chemo. Cancer takes it's toll not just on us but our family and friends. I hope she gets better soon. I hope you do not get the bug. Prayers