Anaplastic T cell Large Lymphoma - anyone have this?

Our son was dx in Oct 2011 with ALCL. In treatment yet but we've insisted on modifying it due to the toxic effects. Also doing alternative supplements and he's doing well. We think oncologist is overtreating him. Surgery got 99% of the cancer but they try to get every last cell. We believe a strong immune system and healthy environment in the body can handle the lone stragglers. Pet scans are always good.
Mainstream oncologists are doing nothing to support a healthy body to help heal itself. Maybe that why so many cancers return...hmmm. chemo alone is not the answer in most cases.
There's no optimal treatment for how are people with this diagnosis doing?

Evan's mom


  • miss maggie
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    Dear Evan's Mom,

    I am so sorry for your son's DX.

    I am not a doctor, but. My small bowel perforated caused by NHL. I had to have surgery
    to resect my small bowel. I wouldn't be here if not for the wonderful surgeon I had.
    I was treated with Rituxan once weekly for 4 weeks as a backup. If you read some of the
    posts on this site, you will see other's are being treated with Rituxan as maintance. Some
    for as long as 2 years. Thank God, they are all doing well.

    In my opinion, and something I have learned. If there is any stragglers as you say, a
    Pet Scan will not pick it up if the straggler is so small. I agree, having a good outlook, eating properly, and having faith is so very imporatant.

    Maybe you can get a second and third opinion. Hopefully you can find a doctor that you
    can have faith in totally. Think about it please. Stragglers can grow and spread.

    The above is my opinion only. Prayers for you and your son. Maggie
  • cure100
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    Dear Evan's mom
    I also have an 18 yr old daughter who was diagnosed with Anaplastic large cell lymphoma stage II Jan 23 2012. She is currently taking chemo. It's gonna be 3 cycles and the treatment is about 9 weeks long.
    .She is doing pretty good except she is emotionaly upset( due to losing her long, beautiful hair) and also scared about having to go thru the same painful experience once again later if replase occured.. .
    Her oncologists told her that her cure rate is about 80-90 percent, but she has to do follow up for up to 5 yrs and if after that disease did not come back, she is cured. Btw, in what stage your son is?