good news bad news

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Had consult with Dr Orringer, had EUS got staged, T2N1Mx thats the good news, waiting for tumor board to decide what to do with me. The problem is my carcinoid cancer that has spread, he is going to talk to my carcinoid expert Dr Odorisio at the U of Iowa. tyo see if there are any protocals to follow .Should know more by n ext friday


  • JReed
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    Thanks for the update - we've been wondering about you. We'll be praying for good news for you. You are right - mixed news at this point - but hoping for the very best news for you. We were at UofM on Tuesday and got the 'final' good news for Don yesterday. He is a go for surgery. Maybe we'll run into you over there soon.

    Keep us posted ok?

    Judy & Don