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    Lap surgeons Dundee -> India
    Well done! Ironically I was just about to post the following publicly, reckoning that you would be proud for fellow members to see the impressive initiative of your fellow countrymen!

    The 3rd world Congress of Laparoscopic Surgeons has just been hosted at the all new bright and shiny World Laparoscopic Hospital in New Delhi and the link to both is:

    where the excellent Dr. RK Mishra can be seen in photographs and also in a video demonstrating robotic operation.

    Biographical material on Dr. Mishra can be found at:

    which shows his proud pedigree starting with his training at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

    On Ninewells there is a good brief summary on Wikipedia at:

    Ninewells Hospital is where I had an open radical nephrectomy for a 9 cm tumour on 5th Dec 2011. Funnily enough it is also where my Wife taught psychology to med. students in the Psychiatry Dept. for 20 years or so. She was a neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist but these days she is in IT, presently heading up a multi-million pound project as the Solutions Architect for a FATCA development (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, due to operate from Jan, 1 2013).