Itchy Rash

Hey all,

I am 7 months out from my last chemo for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. About a month ago I developed itchy rash on my arms and legs that has recently spread to my body. Also, severe dry itchy lips. I have explained this multiple times to my oncologist and recieve no answers. MD is not really concerned but it has become so frustrating. Anyone else experience anything like this. I have tried to research side effects multiple months out from chemo but can't find any answers. HELP!!


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    Hi Jessica
    Hi Jessica, sorry to hear you also got a rash! I got the rash on my second week of Rituxan treatment, and on my third week I developed Angioedema, this week I have pain in my neck and shoulders...I thought it was an allergic reaction to Rituxan but my Oncologist just dismissed it and said that since I didn't get the rash on my first treatment then it couldn't be the Rituxan. I don't know if you also had Rituxan on your chemo therapy but I'm almost certain that it is the Rituxan. My Onc will not admit to it since he has used this drug for 10 yrs. and none of his other patients has had problems with the drug! I have a question have all of your test results been clean and negative? Please let us know what happens and if your Onc will give you anything, I had to take Prednisone for a week and it did help! Take care