Sudden taste loss

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I am about 8 months from last rads and was congratulating myself that a large part of my taste had returned (after around the 3rd month). I have a cold right now and have completely lost all taste and smell overnight. Haven't had a cold or flu since treatment so no idea if this is normal in the new normal way of things. I am guessing it is but still, most odd. To suddenly lose 2 senses overnight makes me feel more a car crash victim than cancer survivor. Very bizarre.
Anyone else suddenly happy to change nappies?


  • longtermsurvivor
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    Hi Larry
    that is wierd, but it passes the duck test. I've not had this problem, but I'd bet the relationship to the virus applies. Smell and taste are very closely related senses, taste in part depending on smell. It's not a stretch to imagine your nascent sense of taste (and smell) got conked by a virus, as fragile as the link is right now. Bet you get it back pretty quicky.

  • sweetblood22
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    That happened to me the
    That happened to me the first time I got sick after treatment. Honestly, it really freaked me out, because it reminded me of radiation. I knew I wasn't going through it again, but my brain and body were not liking the feeling and memories. Hoping you feel better soon. If it persists after the cold is gone, then I'd say check it out.