Internal Radiation Boost - First round

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Over two hours for her first internal radiation. Two nurses came to the lobby and took her. That's the first time I was not with mom for a treatment (of any kind)! I felt strange not going with her through the door. She went in using a walker and came out in a wheelchair. She said "it was awful".

She went straight to bed when we got back home and didn't wake for over 4 hours. I struggled to wake her. She was confused and a bit disoriented. She got up, went to the family room and promptly fell asleep on the recliner. We tried to wake her again. This time with success.

She drank an Ensure, at a bit of chicken noodle soup and took her meds. Doc upped her MS Cotin to 60 mg 2x a day and Diluadid (4 mg) every 4 hours. This seems to be working! Yippie! I remember when the 15mg MS worked - now 60mg. So sad, but the good thing is that mom is functional at the 60 mg. It doesn't zombie her.

The nurses said she may cough some blood. They said the next treatment will be much shorter.

These 4 rounds of internal radiation is going to get rid of the remaining 2cm of tumor that the 30 external rounds didn't quite finish off. It reduced her tumor from over 8cm down to 2cm.

Mom said she feels no worse with this treatment than she did when she received the external treatment. Fight on!


  • TerryV
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    What an incredible day for your mom! Glad you were able to wake her for some food.

    Ginny - I'm so glad that you and your brother are there for your mom. I know it's a tough road for you both as well.

    Love & Hugs to you and the family,