Bili Numbers after Liver surgery

I was going to post this on the liver forum but realized there isn't a lot of traffic there.

Carl has been trying hard and insisting the kids and I head back to Montana. His bili numbers rose again this morning 25.8. The dr.s on his case have said this number has them very worried due to the steady incline. Rest of his numbers look okay it seems. His pain became uncontrollable this morning he had 4 oxycodones between 4-8 a.m. Finally 8:40 they kicked in enough to allow him to relax. They have changed him to Toradol for pain.

At some point today he said a different dr. not on his team came in and said the bili number doesn't concern him. I will be talking with his dr. tomorrow and see what is going on. I am curious after surgery is this number or is it not of concern. I have read anything over 4 is of concern, anything over 12 is of worry esp since his continues to rise. When I talked to the dr. this morning he said we will know in the next 24-48 hours where this is headed for sure. I asked at what point do they go from concerned to worry was there a magic number. He said they were already at the worried point. So I don't know if this is Carls effort to get me to leave as he doesn't want us to watch him go thru this.

Anyone with information would be great.



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    I'm sorry, but I lack any information that might be helpful except one website suggested that fruit or vegetable juice might lower bili levels. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and your family. Carl must be a very special person to want to spare you in this trying time.

    Several others have had liver surgery so hoping someone can give you info.