Need info or advice please reguarding a new type of cancer post Kidney Cancer

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I am a 39 yo female who at the age of 28 was diagnoised with Renal Cancer. I have a very hard time "trusting" our imaging process. I was having pain, severe back pain, blood in urine and thought I was having a kidney stone. I had had many, many of these over the years and ALL the same symptoms. After an US, MRI and 2 CT scans my DR's said Nothing is wrong, we can't find ANYTHING wsrong with your Kidneys, My OB/GYN said " This is your Kidneys!!!" He basically had to send me to a different hospital and told me to refuse to leave until somebody listened to me because up to that point all the Dr's said it was GYN related. Finally I was admitted and a wonderful Internist took my case and after many many tests finally did a 3-way CT scan, I had to drink the contrast, have IV contrast and have an enema of contrast and low and behold and huge kidney tumor apeared! It was stage 3 and at the point of breaking out of the capsule. The next few days I stayed in the hospital and they prepared for a radical Nephrectomy. Fast forward a few years later, started having more pain and lots of pelvic bleeding and had to undergo a total hyterectomy by my same WONDERFUL OB/GYN that helped me get my cancer diagnosis. Now , I just had my yearly exam and when he was doing my yearly internal part of the exam he discovered a pelvic mass the size of a small plum. I went for an US and they did a regular one and a vaginal US and found NOTHING!! I am very NOT convinced because of my history and the fact that this has happened before. He wasnt either, he was VERY surprised because he felt it and it hurt and I have nothing in there that could possible confuse things. I am now going for a CT scan but my question for yall is based on my history and previous problems with not finding stuff on CT scans, have anybody ever had these problems, should I insist on another 3-way scan and what are the pros and cons of non-contrast vs contrast. Also what kinds of cancer do I need to look out for since I have already had stage 3 kidney cancer. I would really appriciate any feed back from you guys!! Thank You and God Bless You and many more birthdays for everyone!!!


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    Outside my pay grade

    Most of your questions are outside my paygrade as a male RCC survivor. The concern with Kidney Cancer recurrance or spreading is initially with the other kidney, lymph nodes, lung and brain if it spreads real bad. The purpose of the contrast is to get a better look. Contrast however must be proceeded with a blood test for those of us with one kidney as the contrast can be damaging to the other kidney if blood numbers are way off. I hope this helps.