Flattening CEA trend at ~300 ?

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My wife has stage IV (extensive liver involvment) and is undergoing chemo. no surgery yet.

CEA trend:

1800 prior
1200 after 1st chemo
311 after third
322 after fourth

she will have 6th chemo in a few days and I just noticed that last two CEAs were essentially the same. Will be asking Onc about the implications.

Has anyone here experienced a flattening of the CEA trend like this or know what it might be indicating?



  • ellamenno
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    Flattening CEA...
    Hi Peterz, tumor death can cause CEA to flatten out or even rise in some cases. Just means the treatment is doing it's job. I'm sure your wife's Onc can explain this to you both. You're a good husband and also right to come here and question when things don't seem to make sense. Looks like your wife's chemo is kicking cancer-butt.

    Peace, Laurie
  • geotina
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    this can happen. It does not mean the chemo is not working. Now if it has a severe spike then it needs to be investigated. Your wife still has 8 more treatments so try not to worry until there is something to worry about and stay the course. This journey is a marathon with its ups and down.

    Take care - Tina