good news

I wanted to share my great results from my CT scan. Praise the Lord, after 4 1/2 years I'm still cancer free!

I pray for everyone on this board, that the next test they have will be good. It's so hard to learn about a new diagnoses, or a reoccurance, but I as a survivor know that things can change fast, and I thank God for the time He has given me.
Hugs and prayers, Sandra


  • bingbing2009
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    Wonderful News!
    Congratulations on another good CT scan. It's so uplifting to hear from those who are cancer-free after several years. Thanks so much for sharing the good news!

  • JReed
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    Hooray Sandra!
    Congratulations Sandra!

    Good news is sometimes hard to come by on here - but when we get it - WE CELEBRATE WITH YOU!!

    So glad to read this - it is nice to smile for you!

    Keep on trucking!

  • birdiequeen
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    It is time to celebrate! What great news. I love a good celbration, so go big :)
  • annalan
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    That's wonderful news
    That's wonderful news Sandra. It seems the longer that you remain NED the better chance you have of not having a recurrance. Hope you have many, many more years of good health. My husband was NED for just 18 months after his Ivor Lewis op.,

    Best wishes Ann (2)
    Wife of Alan T3N2M0
    Deceased Jan 31st 2012
  • monica_sss
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    This is wonderful news. Thank you for being a blessing to those of us who are looking for "hope". Hugs to you!

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  • paul61
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    Wonderful News!!!!

    Congratulations on your clear scan!! It is great to hear good news. May you have many more clear scans in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams
    McCormick, South Carolina

    DX 10/22/2009 T2N1M0 Stage IIB
    12/03/2009 Ivor Lewis
    2/8 through 6/14/2010 Adjuvant Chemo Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU
    Two year survivor
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    What great news!
    Your great news is why I get so much from this board. I'm 5 months post-MIE today and I go in for my 6 month checkup in early April, and already I'm starting to grow anxious about it and my CT scan. So it's heartening when others have clean scans and are NED. Congratulations!

    dx 8/03/11
    MIE 9/23/11
  • JaneO
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    Excellent news!Our next scan is March 14th..the wait is always nerve wracking. So happy for your good news!Jane
  • ABC321
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    Great news..
    Well done Sandra...there's much worry, many tears and lots of bravery represented in those 4.5 years i know. Heres to a life without cancer....forever!
    Steve & family.
  • TerryV
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    Continued NED is a blessing. I'm so very happy for your news. As Monica says, your good news gives the rest of us hope.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Karrie42
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    wonderful news!
    Hi Sandra,

    It's so wonderful to hear good news on this site. Hope you celebrated today. :-)

    - Karrie
  • Wife of patient 50378
    Sandra...I hope you celebrate!
    Sandra such wonderful news! Congratulations! I aways thing of you as the boards "First Lady"

    Hugs and Prayers,
  • Donna70
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    Sandra...I hope you celebrate!
    Sandra such wonderful news! Congratulations! I aways thing of you as the boards "First Lady"

    Hugs and Prayers,

    so happy for you!!
    With all the sadness going on, I am so delighted to see your post and that you are a 4.5 yr survivor. Thanks for posting, it gives us all hope and please have a celebration!!!
  • BMGky
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    Congratulations. So glad to hear it. Every time you have a clean scan gives us hope for continued success. BMGky